Thursday, March 15, 2012

Baby Kash!

I thought I would record Kash's birth story before I forget all of the little details of the day! So don't feel that you must read this post! It is mostly for my own sake! I have tried to sit down a few times to write it down but each time I have one or the other of the kids needs me! Oh, the joys of motherhood, right?!

At my Dr. appt on monday Feb 27 Dr Hall said he would induce me on Feb 29th if I would like but i didnt want to pick Leap day as his Birthday! So we opted for Friday the 2nd!

Thursday my mom came from Boise so she could stay at the house and watch Maecie for us!

Friday we didn't have to be at the hostpial until 9am, I was glad I didn't have to get up super early! But I still got up early so I could have some time to get Maecie ready and play with her before I left. After all, she was getting kicked off the pedital I have had her on for two whole years! Taylor and I drove to the hospital feeling anxious, nervous, excited and many other emotions all in one! We got there and my nurse Yvette was THE BEST. She said she had been guarding my room for me because there were so many women coming in!
It was also payday for out drivers so Taylor dropped me off at the hospital and had to run the drivers paychecks to all the banks. So while the nurse was asking me the one million questions they have to ask, I looked like a big old unwed lady. She got to the question "So, do you have a support system for today?" I just laughed a little and told her Taylor would be back. (little did I know Taylor wouldn't come back for a LONG time!)
After all the questions Yvette put in my IV and around 10:30 they got my Pitocin started. Meanwhile, around 11 my grandma Bonnie and my sister Rachel came to hang out with me since my hubby was MIA.
My contractions were mostly in my lower back and tailbone. Dr hall was going to come around 12:30 to break my water, So around 12:15 Yvette said I could get my epidural so I wouldn't have to feel that "crochet hook" or whatever that thing is they break your water with. I didn't turn the offer down ! :) Thank you Heavenly Father for epidurals!
Dr Hall came around 1pm and broke my water, and I was so grateful that I had gotten my epidural before he came because as soon as he broke my water my contractions went from 2 min apart to only 30 seconds apart. They had to turn the pitocin way down because Kash's heartrate kept dropping too low durning each contraction. They changed epidurals since I had Maecie. With Maecie my legs were dead weight and I couldn't feel a thing. With Kash, I couldn't feel pain but i could move my legs quite a bit and during pushing I could feel what was going on but no pain. Weird expirience.
Taylor finally made is appearance back at the hospital around 2. By then I was dilated to an 8. My brother Jason came and brought Taylor a sandwich and chatted with us for a while. Around 3:15 I had Yvette come in and check me because I could feel an incredible amout of pressure. She checked me and I was 9 3/4 but she said I would never progress passed that because I had a lip on my cervix that was not going anywhere. And right about that time Dr. Hall got to the hospital. She informed him of my progress and he said he would go get ready so we could start pushing.
He came back a few minuets later and I pushed for four sets of three, but I felt like I had to push MUCH harder than I did with Maecie and I don't know if that was because I could feel more of what was going on or if it was because of the lip on my cervix.
Kash Taylor Morrow was born at 3:42 weighing 6lbs and 12oz and 19.5 inches long.
Maecie got to come see her little brother and when she kissed him it melted my heart. She hasn't stopped kissing him since.
We had a very hard time deciding on his name. So I finally just let Taylor pick his name!
Kash was a really good baby at the hospital but when we got home he couldn't figure out his days and nights for a while. He is definatly a MUCH more tempermental baby than Maecie EVER was. I was FAR to spoiled having her first! Reguardless I love him anyway.
I am very grateful for my sweet babies I have. I am truely blessed. As soon as I get my camera card put on the computer I will add some pictures.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Baby update

So our little guy is attempting to make his debut pretty early.
Tuesday all day I had terrible back pain and just didn't feel right. By about 10pm I was starting to contract regularly and then by 12:30 am Wednesday I was contracting about 4 min apart. My dr was out of town so I just called labor and delivery at the hospital and they said to come in and they would check me out. So I packed my bag and since it was the middle ofthe night and Taylor was sick and Maec was sleeping so I just went in by myself and got there at about 1 am. They hooked me up to the monitors and watched me for a few hours and my contractions slowed to 7 min apart and then finally to 10 min apart so they said in could go home if I wanted. Before I left she wanted to Check my cervix and she said "your cervix is open but not where the baby is at." which made no sense to me at all to me. I thought it was either open or closed!?!? So i finally got home about 5 am.
I called my Dr.s office when they opened at 8 to notify them I had been at the hospital and they said to come in at 1 when Stacy the PA got back. So I went in and she checked me and I am dilated to a 1 and 50% effaced and they gave me a steroid shot to help develop the babys lungs. They also gave me a prescription for a medicine that is suppose to relax my uterus and slow the contractions. I have to take it every 6 hours which is a pain to wake up at 4 am and take but I will do what I have to do to help him in anyway.
Today I went in and had to get another steroid shot for his lungs. We are hoping for him to stay in at least a few more weeks but if he doesnt we are hoping the shots helped his lungs.
For now I am on bed rest. I'm so grateful for our families bringing dinner and helping out with Maec!
So we are asking when you say your prayers to keep this little guy in your prayers!
We are finding out he is more and more like his dad and he isn't even here yet! That scary for me! Another Taylor??? What will I do with myself!
We have two names that we are thinking about...which do you like?
Kash or Garyson
Tell us what you think!!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Bed rest round two...

On Sunday I started bleeding again so back on bed rest I went and today is suppose to be my last day hopefully. I am just waiting for a call back from Dr. Hall. I have a few banks I need to run to later so hopefully I get the ok to be up and about.
I can already tell this boy is going to be trouble. He comes by it honestly. Have you met Taylor? :)
I am so grateful for my sweet girl, Maec. Today we were sitting on my bed after I finished doing her hair and she takes the brush and moves behind me and starts brushing my hair and peeks around and laughs. Then she grabs my neck from behind and gives me a big hug. Children are the most amazing blessing. I learn so much from Maecie. She can sure push my buttons but she can also melt my heart.
I'm so grateful to be a mother. To be a mother that gets to stay at home with my kids. Grateful that I can do my work at nap time and bedtime.
I have so much gratitude in my heart. Partly because it's The holiday season coming up and partly because of trials I see others going through. On October 19, my friend and I both had terrible days but fortunately my day wasn't the nightmare hers was. I pray her and her family have comfort in this trial. I'm grateful for her positive attitude and example she has been through this.

Come on little guy...stay in much longer!!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Scary days...

Yesterday after noon I started bleeding and passing large clots and so my Dr. sent me for an ultrasound. I couldn't help but be emotionally overwhelmed when I talked to my Dr. I had to wake Maecie up from her nap and take her to Taylor. I was so worried but I said a prayer as I walked in for the ultrasound and  I had a sense of peace come over me as soon as I saw him on the monitors.  Our little guy looks good. They are unable to determine where the bleeding is coming from. The whole ultrasound we could watch my contractions just one upon another. I had terrible contractions all night, but today they are not as intense thank goodness. So I am on bed rest for a few days and I go back tomorrow for a check up. Hopefully I won't be on bed rest too much longer. With a 20 month old bed rest isn't too easy! Thankfully Maec LOVES Mickey Mouse Club House. I can't lift her much so we are camped out on the couch watching TV and playing on the Ipad. Thank you modern technology!
I will try to get caught up on my blogging the next few days and load the pictures from our ultrasounds.Also, I have so many pictures from the last few months that I need to document.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

It's a ...

We had our ultrasound a few weeks ago. I was pretty shocked we are having a boy, I thought we were having a girl for sure. I was way off.
I haven't put on the blog yet but I am due March 5.
This pregnancy has been so much harder than with Maecie so far. I have been incredibly sick this time around. I'm glad Maecie has been so good band has made that partveasier on me. I'm feeling quite a bit better now. I still puke when I brush my teeth. The nausea has calmed down so much from what it was thankfully.
I am glad to have one of each just to have the pressure off.
Maecie is quite the little sassy pants lately. We are in for some years of fun with this girl! We have to make sure she has pants on at ALL times or she takes her diaper off and goes streaking and if you are not paying attention she pees on your foot. She still has the most hilarious laugh on earth. She makes life so joyous. Our house would be so boring without her. She LOVES babies. She will be such a great big sister.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

If heaven wasn't so far away...

If heaven wasn't so far away, I would pack up Maecie and take her to see Grandpa Dean today. I miss dad. I always miss dad but sometimes days are harder. I will hear a song on the radio in the car and just break down. Some days I'm fine.
August will be 5 years since he passed on. One part of me feels that day just happened a couple weeks ago and the other part of me feels like it was SO long ago. I can remember the last day I spent with him and my siblings. Him putting his arm around me saying "love you sis."
The night he died I didn't talk about for a very long time. It was so hard. Calling 911, watching them load him on the stretcher, calling Grandma and Grandpa telling them Dad was going to be taken to the hospital, the drive with the kids to the hospital, the Dr. telling me he didn't make it, dealing with the kids when he told us, calling Shalay and having to be the one who told her. Watching Jason, Mitch, Lexie, Coleson, Grandma, Grandpa all at the hospital saying goodbye to Dad. By far the hardest, worst, scariest time of my life. I hope not to have to deal with anything like that again. But I know I will. Death is a part of life. We all have to die. I understand the plan of salvation, but sometimes I just have to sit down and cry. It makes me feel better after.
What I wouldn't give to go back to 5 years back and just have an extra 10 minuets with him and tell him how grateful I am for him. All he has given me. Taught me how to work. Taught me to be honest. Taught me so many things in my life. He was able to give me and each of us 6 kids so much love and support.
I miss how my family used to be. Dad, Shalay and us 6 kids at the dinner table. Having BBQ's out back of the house. What I wouldn't give to do that with him and Maecie.
I miss Mitch, Lexie and Cole. Part of my heart is in Arizona with them. I hate missing football games, basketball games, volleyball games, dance performances.
I miss Jason. I don't get to see him often while he is in pocatello and he got a job there so he will stay there all summer too.
I miss Rachel. She is busy with her family. So we don't see eachother too often.
10 years ago I thought my parents were mean, MAKING me do chores, MAKING me babysit, MAKING me keep my room clean. MAKING me go camping when I would have rather stayed home and gone out with friends. I am so grateful I had to do chores. I learned to take care of things. I am so grateful ALL those MANY days of babysitting. I love my brothers and sisters. Loving and nurturing them makes me a better Mother. I am so grateful for all the family trips both big and small we have done together.
I would love to see my dad more than anything today...Or anyday for that matter.
I know someday I will see him in heaven. He will be waiting with his arms wide open. Ready to give me a great big bear hug.
Love you Dad.

I am so grateful for the family and support system that I have. Taylor has been with me through it all. He knows my low points. He knows the look on my face when I am ready to break down. But sometimes he just doesn't understand. Someday he will. I hope that someday is not for a VERY,VERY,VERY long time. His parents have been great. Shellie so caring and loving. Scott said to me the other day "Come talk to me, I am your dad. I can listen just like him". They really do treat me as if i am one of their own. They are great.
My grandparents have been wonderful. I love all my grandparents.
My brothers and sisters. They are all strong people. Dad is proud of each one of them and their accomplishments. And so am I.
My friends have been so great and understanding.
My Heavenly Father has helped me when no one else could. I have relied on him so much. I am beyond grateful for all he has given me. I have learned so much in a short 22 1/2 years on this earth. 5 years ago he taught me how precious life is and how fast it can be taken away. A year ago he showed me how life is brought to this world. Lessons i will never forget. I thank my Heavenly Father daily for each day I have here.

This was the most random post I think i have ever blogged about. I am just really emotional today and Maecie is napping so I thought I would take a few minuets and just blog my heart out. But I can't type anymore because of my uncontrollable tears.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Motherhood: An Eternal Partnership with God

Taylor's cousin posted this on her blog and I thought I would share it with all of you. Such a wonderful message.
Thanks Chelsey for sharing!