Thursday, March 15, 2012

Baby Kash!

I thought I would record Kash's birth story before I forget all of the little details of the day! So don't feel that you must read this post! It is mostly for my own sake! I have tried to sit down a few times to write it down but each time I have one or the other of the kids needs me! Oh, the joys of motherhood, right?!

At my Dr. appt on monday Feb 27 Dr Hall said he would induce me on Feb 29th if I would like but i didnt want to pick Leap day as his Birthday! So we opted for Friday the 2nd!

Thursday my mom came from Boise so she could stay at the house and watch Maecie for us!

Friday we didn't have to be at the hostpial until 9am, I was glad I didn't have to get up super early! But I still got up early so I could have some time to get Maecie ready and play with her before I left. After all, she was getting kicked off the pedital I have had her on for two whole years! Taylor and I drove to the hospital feeling anxious, nervous, excited and many other emotions all in one! We got there and my nurse Yvette was THE BEST. She said she had been guarding my room for me because there were so many women coming in!
It was also payday for out drivers so Taylor dropped me off at the hospital and had to run the drivers paychecks to all the banks. So while the nurse was asking me the one million questions they have to ask, I looked like a big old unwed lady. She got to the question "So, do you have a support system for today?" I just laughed a little and told her Taylor would be back. (little did I know Taylor wouldn't come back for a LONG time!)
After all the questions Yvette put in my IV and around 10:30 they got my Pitocin started. Meanwhile, around 11 my grandma Bonnie and my sister Rachel came to hang out with me since my hubby was MIA.
My contractions were mostly in my lower back and tailbone. Dr hall was going to come around 12:30 to break my water, So around 12:15 Yvette said I could get my epidural so I wouldn't have to feel that "crochet hook" or whatever that thing is they break your water with. I didn't turn the offer down ! :) Thank you Heavenly Father for epidurals!
Dr Hall came around 1pm and broke my water, and I was so grateful that I had gotten my epidural before he came because as soon as he broke my water my contractions went from 2 min apart to only 30 seconds apart. They had to turn the pitocin way down because Kash's heartrate kept dropping too low durning each contraction. They changed epidurals since I had Maecie. With Maecie my legs were dead weight and I couldn't feel a thing. With Kash, I couldn't feel pain but i could move my legs quite a bit and during pushing I could feel what was going on but no pain. Weird expirience.
Taylor finally made is appearance back at the hospital around 2. By then I was dilated to an 8. My brother Jason came and brought Taylor a sandwich and chatted with us for a while. Around 3:15 I had Yvette come in and check me because I could feel an incredible amout of pressure. She checked me and I was 9 3/4 but she said I would never progress passed that because I had a lip on my cervix that was not going anywhere. And right about that time Dr. Hall got to the hospital. She informed him of my progress and he said he would go get ready so we could start pushing.
He came back a few minuets later and I pushed for four sets of three, but I felt like I had to push MUCH harder than I did with Maecie and I don't know if that was because I could feel more of what was going on or if it was because of the lip on my cervix.
Kash Taylor Morrow was born at 3:42 weighing 6lbs and 12oz and 19.5 inches long.
Maecie got to come see her little brother and when she kissed him it melted my heart. She hasn't stopped kissing him since.
We had a very hard time deciding on his name. So I finally just let Taylor pick his name!
Kash was a really good baby at the hospital but when we got home he couldn't figure out his days and nights for a while. He is definatly a MUCH more tempermental baby than Maecie EVER was. I was FAR to spoiled having her first! Reguardless I love him anyway.
I am very grateful for my sweet babies I have. I am truely blessed. As soon as I get my camera card put on the computer I will add some pictures.


Judy said...

So fun hearing about your exciting day! Can't wait for pics. love you both

The Clarks said...

glad to hear he made finally made it! congrats you guys! can't wait to see pictures! =)

Manda 'n' Noah said...

Congrats ma'am! I'm glad everything went well :)